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Electro Tech is a one stop solar system solution that facilitates you generate environment friendly green energy. We deal in all kinds of solar panels, ET Virtu water heating, inverters, electric panels, batteries, electric cable and electric generators since 2006.

ELECTRO TECH is providing cost-effective, client oriented Solar, Electric and Electronics solutions, we possesses the ability to evaluate the need and requirements of business, analyze globally available sources and conclude a smart and sincere recommendation that suits the requirement of the customer.

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Why switch to solar energy

Generating your own electricity means that you will be using less from the utility supplier.


Home Value




Save Money


Earth Friendly

Benefits of Solar System Installation

For home


Save Money

by installing solar system at your home you can eliminate or reduce your electricity bill to a significant amount.


Save Environment

By installing solar energy system at your home you are generating clean energy that leads to save the environment.


Tax benefits

by installing solar systems at home you are more tax benefits as compare to others.


For business


Reduces Bill

installing solar system to any industry or business will reduces the electricity bill.


Green Energy

Clean and green energy is every country's first priority in terms of save the world.


Tax Benefits

By installing the solar systems at your business you are paying less taxes in natural energy bills.

Our Satisfied Customer

Our customers are belong to more than 70 cities of the state.