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JA Solar Bifacial mono JAM72D30 LB 555-580w

  • Better energy generation performance
  • 12 year product warranty
  • 30 year linear power warranty
  • 22.36% max module efficiency
  • 0~3 power tolerance
  • <0.4% annual power degradation
  • Weight: 29.5 kg
  • Dimension: 2465*1134*35 mm

JA Solar Panel Prices in Pakistan: A Leading Force in Solar Technology

Welcome to the future of sustainable energy solutions at Electro Tech Faisalabad! Explore our extensive range of JA Solar Panels, including the high-performance 540-565 N Type & P Type variants. We take pride in offering unbeatable prices, ensuring affordability without compromising quality. Our commitment to excellence extends to the integration of cutting-edge latest technology, elevating your energy efficiency to unprecedented levels. Electro Tech Faisalabad is your trusted partner, providing original JA Solar Panels at wholesale prices. With our professional installation and maintenance services, we ensure a seamless transition to clean energy, empowering you to embrace a greener tomorrow. Join us in the pursuit of a brighter, sustainable future with JA Solar Panels and Electro Tech Faisalabad.

Empowering Faisalabad with Top-notch & Latest Solar Solutions

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Unraveling the Brilliance of JA Solar Panels

Delve into the realm of JA Solar panels, backed by innovation and excellence. From specifications to pricing, Electro Tech offers a comprehensive range of JA Solar products. Learn about JA Solar’s double glass technology, efficient modules, and explore the diverse product lineup. Whether you seek solar solutions for your home or business, Electro Tech is your go-to partner, delivering top-tier solar panel installation services and contributing to the renewable energy landscape in Faisalabad.

JA Solar’s Deep Blue 3.0 technology is a game-changer in the world of solar innovation. Designed to maximize efficiency and performance, Deep Blue 3.0 takes solar energy to new heights. Its advanced features enhance power generation, ensuring you harness the maximum energy from every ray of sunlight. With state-of-the-art cell technology, intelligent shading algorithms, and superior temperature coefficient characteristics, Deep Blue 3.0 guarantees optimal performance even in challenging conditions. Embrace the future of clean energy with JA Solar, where Deep Blue 3.0 technology sets the standard for sustainable, high-yield solar solutions

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